Meditation Practice


A strong physical practice needs to be grounded and balanced by a strong mental practice. We all see each others physical practice in the yoga room but we often don’t see each others mental practice. One could argue that these are intertwined together, which I do agree with, but I personally also like to keep a separate mental practice. 

Too often I find myself running around day-to-day processing everything going on in my head that it is nice to take some quiet time and silence my thoughts. I have recently been taking short periods of time, ranging from five minutes to thirty minutes, just sitting with no phone, television, or anything else that would distract me. I let go of all the mental static and noise that constantly tries to pull me away from my centre. I did however find it difficult to sit for an extended period of time being completely still. What helped me bring more focus and connection to my meditation practice was the use of my Mala beads by Mala Collective. 

When I tried to sit in stillness and do nothing I found my mind would constantly wander. Using my Mala I could redirect my thoughts back to myself. It gave me something physical to focus my energy and attention on. For those of you who are unfamiliar with using a Mala, you turn each bead with your thumb through your fingers, going through all 108 beads until you reach the guru bead. While going through each bead, you take an inhale and an exhale, and once you master that you can even add a mantra to your breathe as well. I like to use a “I Am statement,” for example, “I am strong” for my mantra. Once you reach the guru bead you take some time to reflect on yourself, your mantra, and thank yourself for taking this time for you. 


After only a couple of months I have already noticed so much more peace of mind. I feel more grounded and more in control of my own thoughts. Some days my meditation practice will go though smoothly and peacefully, while others will be more challenging and even frustrating, but that is part of the practice. Take each practice as it comes without judgement, and always treat yourself with love and kindness. 

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