Marcus Tong


Yoga is such a multifaceted practice that it has a unique meaning to each individual. For some it may be merely physical, and for others it may be for the mental or spiritual aspects of the practice. There is no right or wrong answer. When I first started practicing it was all about pushing my body to its limits and striving for something deeper and more “advanced.” But without me even knowing, over the years this started to shift. My mat became a safe space for me to be me and to connect to this internal part of myself. I could shed off the outer layers that was covering up who I really was and holding me back. I became more aware and more connected to myself and to others more authentically. From the outside view it may seem like what I am doing is purely physical and representing something external, but in my perspective I am expressing my internal self to the outside. As seen through many art forms, communication is not limited to words alone; body language can be used to project an infinite number of feelings, moods, and emotions. Just as an artist may express himself through dance or music, I express myself through the physical aspects of yoga. Whether it be in stillness or through the movements of the practice, I see yoga as a form of self-expression.