HOT YOGA/YHOT - A set sequence comprised of postures and breathing exercises done in a hot room heated to 40+ degrees. This wrist-friendly yoga class is systematically designed where each posture prepares you for the next. It is a Hatha-based class where postures are held longer and moved through more slowly. Come hydrated and be prepared to sweat. 

POWER/FLOW/VINYASA - A dynamic class that connects the movements of your body and your breath. Each posture will flow to the next with continuous movements. You will build on strength (upper body/weight-bearing on hands involved), balance, flexibility, and core stability. Power classes are done in a warm room and flow/vinyasa classes are done in room temperature. Each class you will experience a new and exciting sequence.

HATHA - A slower paced practice that emphasizes on alignment and breath. Weight-bearing on hands may still be involved but is limited with the amount of vinyasa flows. Hatha classes are done in room temperature and are great to stretch and strengthen your body. 


* Please check studio's website for any substitutions or changes.
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