Looking for a New Yoga Mat?


Are you in search of a new yoga mat to complement your practice? If so, you should check out this review I came across online first! 


I found this particular review helpful as it went over a lot of the popular yoga mats that are currently being used. I personally have been using Manduka Black Mat Pro, which I love, and saw it ranked third in the review. The mat that was ranked top yoga mat was the Manduka PROlite. This is pretty much the little brother of the mat that I am currently using. It seems to be pretty similar except the black mat pro is a little bigger as well as heavier. I am liking the Manduka mats but I find mine is a bit too heavy (weights 7 to 9 pounds) to be traveling around with all the time. The PROlite seems like a more accessible yoga mat to use to travelling around.

I was particularly interested in the review of the Liforme yoga mat because this mat has been on my radar recently and it has also been quite popular on social media as well. I have not seen these around Vancouver too much so I have not seen it in person. Since I teach and practice mainly in a heated room (hot yoga, warm flow, power yoga), it interested me to find out that this mat is great for hot yoga. In addition, I think the alignment markers on the mat would be helpful with my practice.

Give the full review a read over. I found it really helpful. Yoga mats are a personal thing and everybody looks for something different in them.  This review is pretty detailed and gives good insight into the pros and cons of each. I personally am considering either the Liforme or Manduka PROlite for my next yoga mat. Let me know what yoga mat peaks your interest in the comments below! 

Marcus Tong2 Comments